Amelia Gamoneda, Candela Salgado Ivanich, Carlos López de Silanes de Miguel, Gustavo Ariel Schwartz, Manuel González de Ávila, Marta Macho-Stadler, Vicente Luis Mora, Víctor Bermúdez
Gustavo Ariel Schwartz & Víctor Bermúdez
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Intellect Books
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diciembre 2019

29 mayo, 2020



#Complex Networks

Mixing up Sciences and Humanities

The Sublime Simplicity of Complex NetworksGustavo Ariel Schwartz

Weaving Worlds Josep Perelló

Words as Dynamic Systems Marta Macho Stadler

Complex Networks: An Opportunity to Reflect on the Mysteries of Language Bernat Corominas-Murtra

Evolution, Complex Networks and Detectors of Beauty Albert Flexas Oliver

Culture and Complexity Juan Luis Suárez

Mapping Networks: Science and Altruism Kevin W. Boyack y Richard Klavans

Macroscopes for Exploring and Navigating Science and Technology Lisel Record y Katy Börner





The Node is the Lair of the Unusual

The Need for Metaphor Amelia Gamoneda

Crossing a Reduced Space: Metaphor’s Status as an Emerging Network Iván Méndez González

Metaphor and Neuroimaging: How Art and Neuroscience Inspire Each Other Clara Martin

Complex Realism (or the Year Zero Line of Things) Agustín Fernández Mallo

An Approach to Metaphor Based on Set Theory Javier Moreno

Dangers and Riches of Scientific Metaphors in Literature Vicente Luis Mora

Whimsical Science Metaphors Dudley Herschbach

Other Kinds of Knowledge Melisa Pierce Murray

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From Elementary Particles to the Immensity of the Cosmos

Magic in Every Last CornerAlberto Güijosa

Levels of Reality and Quantum Vacuum Basarab Nicolescu

Starry NightsJuan José Gómez Cadenas

Waves, Particles and Quite the OppositeJaume Navarro

Syncretism in Ernesto Cardenal’s Cosmic Canticle Catalina García García-Herreros

Corona of the SunJairo Rojas Rojas

Beyond a Certain Density Gilles Cyr

Playing with EquationsLuca Pozzi

Re(con)figuring CERNAriane Koek

Investigating Missing Satellites: Narratives in Dark Culture Poe Johnson y Roger F. Malina




#Chaos and complexity

When the Exceptional Becomes the Norm

Simply Chaos and ComplexityDiego A. Wisniacki

Is There a Theory of Complexity?Jorge Wagensberg

Telling the TimeBruno Arpaia

Narratives of ComplexityLuis Felipe G. Lomelí

Literary Appropriation of Chaos TheoryBelén Gache

Complexity and Creativity in the Narratives of Marcelo Cohen Joanna Page

From Borealis: Time Signatures Amy Catanzano

Fractal ExpressionismGustavo Ariel Schwartz

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From Molecules to Creativity

EmergenceMarkus I. Eronen

From Molecules to Life: Two Metaphors to Inquire About the Emergence of Biological OrganisationKepa Ruiz-Mirazo

Proteins, Prions and MemoriesSilvina Cerveny

Altruism: Epiphenomenon or Emergent Property?Juan Ignacio Pérez Iglesias

The Adjacent Possible. Constraint and EnablementStuart Kauffman

On Linguistic CreativityJordi Fortuny Andreu

Thematic Emergence. A Micro-theory of Flash FictionLuisa Etxenike

Exploring BioArt and Synthetic BiologyAnna Dumitriu

Creating the Conditions: the Artistic Agency of a Single Celled Organism – Heather Barnett

Albert vs. MachineAlbert Barqué-Duran

The Best Example of Lived Transdisciplinarity: the Cortona-Week Pier Luigi Luisi

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The Indiscipline of Perception

Literature and Science of Percept Víctor Bermúdez

From Photons to Cognition: Perception, Memory and Art in the BrainAlejandro Galvez-Pol

Images of Innerness: Light and PoetryDébora Ochoa

The Beauty of the Unexpected. Why do Our Predictions Shape our Perception?

Nicola Molinaro

The Perception of Language and Computational Efficiency Itziar Laka

And I Remember a Feeling of Tightness on the Skin… James Wilkes

NeuroaestheticsAnjan Chatterjee

Five PoemsRafael-José Díaz

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(Astute) History of Ideas About Memory

The Discipline of Forgetting: Light Transit Through the Science of Literary Memory Víctor Bermúdez

Adamantine Roald Hoffmann

Mental Time Travel Helena Matute

I Will Remember This Hand Siri Hustvedt

Handprint on Your Skin Iván Méndez González

Mr. Funes Eduardo Berti

Funes vs. Aniston: Neuroscience and Literature Rodrigo Quian Quiroga

Associative Memory, Figurative Art, and Abstract Concepts Eiling Yee & Gerry T. M. Altmann

From Handprint to Afterimage.

Exploring the Theme of Memory in Sculptural Installation Ewa Wesolowska





The Tricks of the Spasm

Trans-disciplines of Literary Emotion Víctor Bermúdez

Repeating the LittoralHugo Milhanas Machado

The Feeling of Writing (Biocultural Perspective)Jean-Simon DesRochers

The Sentimental Education (of the reader)Jose Valenzuela

Warm Vertigo, Cold VertigoMenchu Gutiérrez

Redressing What is Still to Come, Verbalising FeelingCandela Salgado Ivanich

The Mysterious Support of ImpressionsChantal Maillard

Illumination María Sánchez

Emotion/Emotionalism Through Semiotics and the Social SciencesManuel González de Ávila

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# Consciousness

 Yo, Myself and I

Parallel Forms of (Self)Consciousness Miguel Amores Fúster

Self-Consciousness and Evolution Xurxo Mariño

What the Frog’s Eye Tells the Philosopher’s Brain Germán Sierra

The Illusory Body: Fictions in Real Time Carlos López de Silanes de Miguel

The Metaphorical Dimensions of Consciousness Marc-Williams Debono

Aesthetic Experience / Psychedelic States of Consciousness Pierre-Louis Patoine

The Cognitive Study of Literature and its Contributions to the Study of Consciousness Isabel Jaén Portillo

My Father’s Brain Jorge Volpi

That’s the Question: Consciousness According to Erwin Schrödinger Clara Janés

Short Notes on the Relationship Between the Consciousness of the Created Object and that of its Creator Joséagustín Hayadelatorre

Bridging the Science-Art Gulf Julia Buntaine

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#Big data

 More is Different

Divination in the Deluge:

Data-Driven Discovery and 21st Century Scholarly Discourse Mark Daley

Literary Studies Goes Big Data Mario Aquilina

Complementarity of Big Data and Literary StudiesBorja Navarro Colorado

#Sites of Uncertainty Kristin Veel

Big Data and the UnknowableJavier Argüello

Data Science at The Alan Turing Institute Andrew Blake

Describing Data as an Art Material Julie Freeman

Art and Big DataJuan Luis Suárez

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